Our researches are designed so that our clients can SELL MORE (maintaining market share and margins).



At RANDOM strategy, we break with conventional research approaches and take a step further. We design surveys with the aim of providing key insights for companies, by merging sources and methodologies.

We give you the keys to take you wherever you want to go

We don’t have canned products, because there are no two companies with the same problem: We have a multidisciplinary team and a network of experts from different fields. (Communication and Brand Experts, Psycho-sociology of the individual, Neuromarketing...). A team working by your side, who’ll search for the most suitable methodologies and sources of information to address your problem and supply solutions in your market.

Likewise, RANDOM strategy has a team of professionals in the collection of information, a network of field of great background and experience, experts in large trackings (like EGM since 2004), and with innovative technical means and facilities prepared for fieldwork (telephone and personal) with full solvency.

Because our knowledge is your inspiration.