At RANDOM strategy we inspire our clients to distance themselves from their competitors with value propositions, whilst minimising the risks.



At RANDOM strategy, we’re different from the very beginning of the process.

Experience has shown us that many of the keys to solving a problem can be found in the company’s organisation itself. So that’s why we start by asking the client what their own view of the problem is, and what hypotheses they have about the market.

The next question is... when do we start?

We hep you to re-explore your surroundings, to understand exactly where you are and find out where to go. Society is changing, the individual es changing... Is your strategy still valid?

We guide you in order to activate projects in your market-whether you have a new product, packaging, a campaign, a website or an app to launch. We identify the basic drivers for the launch and their synchronicity with social megatrends.

We help you to discover new territories, because often the key is to innovate, reposition yourself, or why not, change your business model when new competitors appear with new strategies. We specialise in "unblocking" commodity sectors and tearing up the rules of the game.

We find it very important you to tell us about the problem and why it´s come about. And most importantly, what you want to get in front of your competitors.