The real keys are only gained through a view of the bigger picture. Points of information that come together and produce the best solution for your business.


At RANDOM strategy we feel that every piece of information, however small, is a starting point. Because a starting point is the beginning of a solution and, of course, of a great end result.

We approach research from a holistic angle, integrating information from the targets consulted in the client’s marketing and sales dynamics.

Our surveys have a 360º structure, in which the client is always at the beginning and end of the process. That’s why we don’t think about meeting research goals, but rather about how to achieve strategic growth objectives.

For us, the first thing is understanding you. Therefore, our methodological designs start with the client, working internally and looking at the initial hypothesses, which will be confirmed in their consumers later on.

By getting to know you well, we can act as true partners, and above all give you value solutions at the end of process, applied directly to your business.