What significant attribute would generate a differential value over our Competitors? What is the "E" (emotional) spot that we have to press in current consumers in order to engage with them? How can we create genuine experiences that bond consumers with our Brand? Is there something I’m missing in the go-to-market strategy?

Keys for your inspiration:

We’re experts at breaking commodity categories and generating value propositions for brands and distributor products.

We identify new territories for brands. The rules of the game have changed and the new ecosystem has become an opportunity for repositioning the brand. We help our clients to lead sectors and build “Masterbrands”

We provide knowledge that cuts across categories, sectors and consumer trends, enhancing our analysis and enabling us to produce strategic recommendations aimed directly at business.

Some markets we’ve explored/diagnosed:

Soft Drinks, Spirits, Beer, Water, Wine, Dairy, Fruit Juices, Dried Foods, Chilled Foods, Frozen Foods, Pet Foods, Household Products, Personal Hygiene and Cosmetics, OTC Pharmaceuticals, Fashion and Footwear …

Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Chain Stores, Franchisees, Flagships, Department Stores, e-commerce, Shop-in-Shop, Impulse Channel, Bars and Cafes, Restaurants, Tourist Zones, Pharmacies…

Projects carried out for our clients:

· Innovation and development of new concepts
· Prospective workshops: The direction to move a category or product in
· Concept tests, product tests
· Design and Packaging tests
· Shopper Insights & Shopper Marketing
· Brand image and repositioning
· New communication routes for the brand
· Communication tests
· Activation in the Point-of-Sale & Visual Merchandising
· Shopper X-ray
· Purchase Process and Brand Experience
· Safari Day in the Point-of-Sale
· Ethnographic studies
· Commercial Networks
· Point-of-Sale staff/ sales consultants
· New product introduction tests in the hotel, restaurant and catering channel
· Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel