What are the gaps between customer experience and my market positioning, my value proposition? What things should I change so that the touchpoints can act as genuine triggers for the purchase decision? Does the retail space produce experiences and a bond with the brand, or is it merely scenery with a pretty design? How do we manage the shopper’s omni-channel experience?

Keys for your inspiration:

Our research processes include the different actors and scenarios in the product or service marketing process, as a formula for successful decision-making and implementation of actionable plans.

We provide knowledge that cuts across channels and sectors, enhancing our analysis and strategic recommendations.

Some markets we’ve explored/diagnosed:

FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Fashion and Footwear, Telecommunications, Travel & Leisure, Transportation, Insurance, Perfumery and Hygiene, High-End Cosmetics, Automotive (sales and rentals), Real Estate Sector, OTC pharmaceuticals …

Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Chain Stores, Franchisees, Flagships, Department Stores, e-commerce, Airports, Shop-in-Shop, Impulse Channel, Bars and Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, Theme Parks, Tourist Areas, Banking Offices, Real Estate Agencies, Pharmacies…

Projects carried out for our clients:

· Customer Experience & Customer Journey
· Shopper Insights & Shopper Marketing
· Brand image and strategic positioning
· Concept Store development
· Store Layout, Store Experience & Shopper Experience
· Activation of the Point-of-Sale & Visual Merchandising
· Customer X-ray / Profile of Traffic and Non-Visitors
· Purchase process and brand experience
· Commercial networks
· Store networks
· Point-of-Sale staff/ Sales consultants
· Shaping of the on-line offer
· Web Usability Tests
· Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel